International Police Novel Festival


BAN! Is the Buenos Aires noir novel festival. Since its first edition in 2011 it has been definitively incorporated into the international noir circuit as well as the Semana Negra de Gijón, Barcelona Negra and Getafe Negro, in Spain; Mord & Hellweg, in Germany; Polars du Sud, among the more than 60 festivals of the genre that take place annually in France and Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing, of the United Kingdom, among many others that all over the world attract the attention of the public and the press.

BAN! 2018 will be held from 24 to 27 October 2018. It has the sponsorship of the Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires (CCEBA), and the collaboration of the embassies of Spain, Italy Canada, France and Mexico.

In BAN! participates more than 100 special guests from Germany, Argentina, Spain, the United States, France, Mexico, Norway, Peru and Uruguay, as well as local journalists, who will provide keys, tools, new ways and new ways of conceiving and writing police fiction.

Although it is an event mainly related to the literary production of the noir genre, BAN! is not limited to it but includes the participation of artists from different disciplines (cinema, theater, painting, comics, photography, etc.), as well as specialists in educational, legal and legal issues, forensic doctors, criminologists, sociologists, police and former criminals.

Buenos Aires is a city that stands out for its intense cultural life, it is the purpose of BAN! To stimulate quality literary production, contribute to a revitalization of the publishing industry, favor the commerce of bookstores and add people to a fundamental activity: reading. Because reading, while entertaining, broadens horizons, exercises the imagination, helps to understand the human condition and teaches to transcend the appearances that are constructed through non-literary discourses.

In addition to promoting literary creation, BAN! proposes a reflection on real criminality and its links with literature and art. It is also configured as an opportunity to discuss the pressing problem of crime in relation to power, society, economy and education.

It also includes film cycles, theater shows, music recitals, meetings in bookstores, criminal tours and playful and festive activities in bars, cafes and restaurants.

BAN! Is a free access festival that is put together thanks to the joint effort of institutions and people, it has no profit or pursue political objectives. BAN! It is democratic, all guests receive the same treatment no matter how famous they may be. BAN! it is also a festival of solidarity that firmly believes in the ancient ideals of freedom, equality and fraternity.